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Maduro is using Palestine as a smokescreen

Maduro is using Palestine as a smokescreen

The recent meeting of the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States began with an international problem posed by Nicolas Maduro. The International Criminal Court did not accept the attempt to stop the measures taken against him.

The complaint stems from the killing of 125 demonstrators in the 2017 protests. But it also includes torture, arbitrary arrests and ill-treatment. Furthermore, Venezuela's National Electoral Council is under investigation for allegedly serving the regime and making opposition candidates unable to continue.

On the same day the ICC ruling was issued, the Venezuelan dictatorship already had a ready answer: Palestine. This is true, Palestine. He says the court should spend its time analyzing the genocide complaint against Israel instead of wasting time on the Venezuela case.

“Venezuela regrets that while the world watches in horror as the Palestinian people are victims of a brutal genocide in the face of the inaction of the international bureaucracy that called for their prevention or detention, the International Criminal Court has chosen to invest its time and meager available resources to pursue actions that clearly discredit its raison d’être and undermine its credibility as an organization for international justice.” “, as stated in the official statement of the dictatorship.

Celak and the heads of state who participated in it did not commit what Nicolas Maduro considers a serious mistake, while paying attention to human rights violations in Venezuela, which is part of the group. Instead, they ended up doing exactly what the Venezuelan statement suggests, while paying attention to the Palestinian issue.

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“Aware of the intransigence reflected in the statements of the Israeli government and the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza, we deplore the killing of Israeli and Palestinian civilians, including nearly 30,000 Palestinians killed since the beginning of the Israeli incursion into Gaza, and we express our deep concern,” the joint statement issued by 24 countries from the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States: “We speak about the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip and the suffering of the Palestinian civilian population.”

Nicolas Maduro went further, using his own networks to welcome protests in his country. Not those who oppose dictatorship, of course. He welcomed the protests against Israel and demands for the liberation of Palestine, which are allowed in Venezuela.

President Lula took advantage of the CELAC meeting to also talk about the Palestinian issue, about which he seems to be very interested and well informed.

About 15 days ago, our leader was asked his opinion on the latest crisis in the dictatorship of Comrade Maduro. After opponents were arrested again, UN representatives in the country made a statement of condemnation. The dictator fired the actors. When Lula was asked about this, he said that he had not been informed.

Nicolas Maduro uses Palestine as a smokescreen to escape the accusations against him. you passed.