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Miley closes public social service centers

Miley closes public social service centers

Argentine President Javier Miley decided to close the country's 59 reference social service centers Ministry of Human Capital. This measure will lead to the dismissal of 600 people. According to the government, these sectors served as “political funds and shelters for ghost state employees,” who were receiving wages without working.

The centers were linked to the former Ministry of Social Development. With the closure, the government will provide public accounts with 5 billion Argentine pesos (equivalent to 29.6 million Brazilian reals) annually.

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Social reference centers in Argentina
The government says the centers receive few consultations daily |Photo: Reproduction/@DiariaLaArena

In addition to saving salaries for the 600 people who were laid off, this measure will end spending on rent, vehicles and cell phones.

According to official data, with rents alone, this measure will represent a saving for the state of 88 million Argentine pesos annually (equivalent to 518 thousand Brazilian reals).

The total reduction in expenses with 50 vehicles and 42 inoperative cell phones will amount to more than 20 million Argentine pesos per year (equivalent to 118 thousand Brazilian reals).

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The centers received little consultation

Another government argument for this decision is that the centers “receive little consultation per day.”

The government explained that the centers only act as a link to another government body, without completing the entire procedure. “They are the clearest picture of state bureaucracy,” he said.

According to a review conducted by the Ministry of Human Capital, more than 50 employees were registered at one facility with fewer than 20 filled positions.

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Services will be digital

From now on, the procedures carried out at these stations will be digital.

The Argentine government also introduced a 0800 telephone line, where those who need it can call and carry out their procedures at the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescence and the Family.