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Lyudmila lacked the care not to validate the rhetoric of intolerance

Lyudmila lacked the care not to validate the rhetoric of intolerance

But Yas argues that there was a lack of an addendum explaining the singer's disapproval of such an expression. “We have to be careful to understand that this image can generate many interpretations, as any artistic manifestation can Candomblé Having suffered from religious intolerance many times, I think perhaps she could have supplemented this reality with something else, precisely so as not to expand the interpretations there.

The presenter believes that, as much as she disagrees with the statement in question, Ludmila should be careful not to verify its veracity. “We know that it is not about Lyudmila’s religious fanaticism, it does not seem so, but this reality could have been put in another way, so that there were no such interpretations, and so that people would not agree with what exists.” “It's written there, and it's very dangerous.”

The conflict between Duffy and Manny appears to be aimed at “prolonging” the BBB, says Liao Lobo

Davi Brito (21 years old) has been suffering from a crisis in his relationship with Manny Rigo (41 years old) since he won the BBB 24 (Globo) award. Merchant stopped following her ex-husband on Instagram and stopped responding to him after Duffy said the two were “getting to know each other” on Mais Você.

Liao Lobo says he believes the marital rift between Manny and Davey is a measure by BBB management to prolong the fallout from the reality show. “It may be crazy in my head, but it feels like something arranged, set up by the show's production team. The game is over, but it seems like someone is looking after them.” [ex-brothers] And set these things up to give more buxies.”

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