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“It's time to say goodbye.” – Jovem Bahn

“It's time to say goodbye.” – Jovem Bahn

Evaristo Costa was hospitalized due to complications from Crohn's disease

Journalist Evaristo Costa He was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday the 17th, after spending five days in the hospital United kingdom Due to complications from Crohn's disease, a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the digestive system, which he was diagnosed with four years ago. During his time in the hospital, Evaristo shared his routine on Instagram during his stay and explained his diagnosis to his followers. Now, he will continue treatment at home with oral antibiotics. “It's time to say goodbye! Al-Aali has come. I will not leave now that the infection has been completely controlled according to the latest tests, but I will continue treatment at home with oral antibiotics,” he explained in his post. “Thank you for all the messages of affection and support.” And prayers… Thank you for accompanying me during these six days in the hospital.” His followers celebrated the news of Evaristo's discharge in the comments of the post. In November last year, the journalist was also hospitalized due to a skin infection on his leg called erysipelas.


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