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Luxury stores in the United States face a year-end drag

Luxury stores in the United States face a year-end drag

The Nordstrom department store in Los Angeles Mall has become the latest target of a traction series that has hit luxury retailers in California and Illinois with the arrival of the holiday season.

The Los Angeles Police Department has arrested three suspects. According to local sources, up to 20 people may have been involved in the robbery.

Authorities say they are impressed by the boldness of the attacks on luxury shops in both states over the past week – including dozens of people.

Videos of chaotic robberies showing masked men entering shops, running around with luggage and escaping in cars waiting outside have been flooding social media in recent days.

The San Francisco Bay Area has been particularly hard hit by the high density of luxury stores. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the region has one of the richest nations in the world, with average gross domestic product more than twice the national average.

According to the Walnut Creek Police Department, about 80 people broke into a Nortstrom supermarket in Walnut Creek Saturday night and stole items until police arrived and arrested three people.

“Police are investigating what the planned event was,” police said.

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