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Petrobras Resenko sold the Landulpo Alves refinery (RLAM) and seven other refineries located on the piano to Arab funds for $ 1.6 billion.  Photo: Geraldo Kozinsky / Agoncia o Globo

The Minister of Mines and Energy is going to the United States to persuade the oil companies to participate in the salt pre-auction

BRASILIA – The Minister of Mines and Energy, Pento Albuquerque, a.k.a. Road show USA in search of investors.

Representatives of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) and the state-owned PPSA (overseeing pre-salt contracts), along with Ministers of Federal Accounts (TCU) Bruno Tandas and Walton Allenkar, are participating in the Albuquerque OTC, the main event of the global oil and gas sector.

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He says he has already arranged meetings with four oil companies at the request of companies to deal with the auction: American ExxonMobil, Colombian Ecopetrol, French Wholesale and Chinese CNOOC.

It is important that we present the characteristics of the auction after removing the uncertainty they had in 2019. This is important because companies interested in participating in the auction will definitely be, and it is good that they are aware of this project – Albuquerque told GLOBO.

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70% discount

The government wants to bid for the Adobe and Sofia sectors in the Santos Basin in December. These blocks did not receive bids in the mega-auction of the original area in November 2019, which is called “hard work”. A federation led by Petropras took the other two blocks, for $ 70 billion, without bidding.

Interested oil companies pay a certain amount of bonus, but the winner of the dispute offers a higher percentage of the product they want to share with the government, which is called profit oil, which equals production of oil and gas minus royalties and research costs.

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The government plans to raise BRL 11 billion at the auction, which is about 70% lower compared to the 2019 event. Forecast for BRL 200 billion investment in 35 contracts. Petropras has already declared its interest in being the operator of the auction-winning consortium, a specialty granted by law.

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– I am very confident in the auction because companies are looking for us. This auction is different because there are already fields being produced. Therefore, there is a great deal of interest in the quality and productivity of this oil, ”said Albuquerque.

The Minister further said:

– The world’s largest oil companies will be here and we will build one Road show To present the properties of the auction.

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The Minister will also hold meetings with representatives of the US Department of Energy and discuss the privatization of the Electroprocess.

Meanwhile, the ministry is finalizing a plan to provide “bonuses” to consumers who reduce their use of electricity due to the water crisis. The project is expected to be operational by September.

– I am very optimistic about the way companies have come to us. This auction is different because there are already fields being produced. There is a great deal of interest in the quality and productivity of this oil – the Minister said, adding that he will hold meetings with the US Department of Energy and those interested in privatizing Electropros.

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