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Luoan scores the first goal in a classic Corinthians match, finishes quickly, praising: "Playing with the Soul" |  Corinth

Luoan scores the first goal in a classic Corinthians match, finishes quickly, praising: “Playing with the Soul” | Corinth

Luan disappointed in style. In the Draw 2 to 2 Such as Sao PauloSunday evening shirt 7 off Corinth Siam ended 108 days without scoring a goal and scored his first goal in a classic match for Timão.

Luoan’s last goal was on January 13, in Corinthians’ 5–0 victory over Fluminense.

In addition to the scoreboard noted at the end of the first half of the classics against São Paulo, the number 7 jersey also participated in the second goal play for Timau, giving a superb pass to Wagner, who sent a cross to Gustavo Mosquito to score.

After the Majestoso, the player was praised by coach Wagner Mancini, who highlighted his dedication:

– I have no doubt that Luoan gave a great game today, not only for the goal, but also for the second goal pass. What we all expect from Luan is exactly that. The big change, and what caught my eye, was not the goal, because I had accompanied Luan in training and I knew he could. It wasn’t the second goal he threw the ball to Wagner who sent the ball to Gustavo making the goal. The big change was for Wan is his participation in the game. Today he had an excellent post. Fight, get on top, that’s what we want. It is difficult to get rid of the player – The black and white leader announced before concluding:

– The presence of a distinguished player on the field only on the technical side may not often represent the superiority of his team in games. But when you have that player fighting and playing with spirit, he becomes a very interesting player and ends up, in a series of games, balancing the scales in a positive way.

Luoan celebrates an impressive goal for Corinthians in a classic match against Sao Paulo – Photo: Marcus Ripoli

With the departure of Cazares to Fluminense, Luan gained more opportunities in Timão. He has started in five of his last seven matches.

The midfielder was hired last year, and he scored eight goals in 53 appearances for Corinthians.

Timão returns to the field on Thursday, when they face Sport Huancayo, in Peru, for the Copa America. Already qualified to be eliminated from Paulistau, Temau ended his group stage match against Novorzentino, on Sunday, in Itakira.