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Paris Saint-Germain: Leonardo outlines Neymar and Mbappe's renovations: We must be calm

Paris Saint-Germain: Leonardo outlines Neymar and Mbappe’s renovations: We must be calm

Neymar and Mbabi continue to have an indefinite future in the Middle East Paris Saint-Germain. Leonardo, the sporting director of the French club, spoke about the conditions of the two stars after the women’s team was eliminated in the semi-finals of the tournament. Champions League.

The Brazilian demanded calm to determine whether or not to renew the two champions and to leave the future of both open.

He told the program, “You have to take it easy.”Beach bar“.

Neymar and Mbappe have a tie until June 2022 with the Barque dos Princess team.

“Today I came here to watch the women’s team and unfortunately we lost. Unfortunately we lost.”

The Paris Saint-Germain women’s soccer team entered the stadium on Sunday (2) for the second match of the UEFA Women’s Champions League semi-finals. Playing away from home, beat them Barcelona, By 2 to 1, and were excluded from the decision.

The men’s team, who has the brilliance of Neymar and Mbappe, fights point to point with Little From the party League 1. Those led by Mauricio Pochettino are second with 75 points, one point behind the opponent.

Paris Saint-Germain’s next date for the champions. On Tuesday (4), the French will go to England for a match City of Manchester They need to win by two goals, as they were defeated on their home soil by a ratio of 2 to 1.