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Light (LIGT3) Dissolves Up To 10% As Judicial Recovery Ends, Franchise At Stake – Money Times

Light (LIGT3) Dissolves Up To 10% As Judicial Recovery Ends, Franchise At Stake – Money Times

A possible withdrawal from the court-supervised reorganization and Aneel’s latest ultimatum is moving Light shares today (Photo: Facebook)

shares a light (lift3) melted by 10.26%, at R$5.51, around 11:00 am on Wednesday (6).

According to the analyst Experimental researchRoy Hungary, speculation about the company is worrying investors.

Among the speculations, two pieces of news stand out this week: the possible withdrawal of the judicial reorganization and the final ultimatum from Aneel (the National Electric Energy Agency).

speculation about the light

Light’s board of directors chose to drop an application for injunctive relief filed with Rio de Janeiro’s Third Corporate Court in May, according to columnist Dr.the worldLaura Jardim.

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in conversation with Brazil JournalBut it has been proven that the company’s chairman, Helio Costa, will withdraw from the recovery when there is an agreement with the creditors. He added, “The withdrawal will be the logical outcome of the agreement.”

He added, “A plan has been approved starting with the legal approval of the early departure of RJ, accompanied by an agreement with the majority of creditors. It is an essential step to dismantle relationships and conversations with regulators and corporate creditors once and for all.

Costa also stated that the dialogue with the creditors “was very fruitful and conducted in a friendly atmosphere”.

In addition, Anil and the Ministry of Mines and Energy issued an ultimatum to Light. If the company does not clear its debts, Anil will remove franchise renewal from the agenda and re-introduce it, also according to columnist Dr.the world.

The company’s chairman said the company “needs union and health to apply for franchise renewal.”