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Libra loses four clubs and already has quota expectations;  How much does Bahia earn?

Libra loses four clubs and already has quota expectations; How much does Bahia earn?

Source: Disclosure/EC Bahia

The Brazilian Football League (Libra) has already reached an agreement with Globo to sell the broadcast rights to the Brazilian championship between 2025 and 2029. But this week it lost four teams from Sao Paulo.

Competing in Series B in 2023, Mirassol, Ponte Preta, Ituano and Grêmio Novorizontino broke the agreement with Libra because they felt there was a “loss of credibility” in the group. They have agreed with Liga Forte União (LFU).

Another reason is the fact that they realize that the agreement with Globo is better for the broadcaster than the clubs themselves. There is even a clause allowing the contract to be terminated if inflation in Brazil exceeds 15% from 2027 onwards.

In turn, the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo published a forecast of the amounts that will be received by clubs that have joined Libra and signed a contract with Globo from 2025 onwards.

The shares will be divided in this way:

  • 40% equal for everyone;
  • 30% for performance in the Brazilian League (final position); that it
  • 30% per audience and participation.

So far, Bahia and seven other top-flight clubs have signed a contract with Globo, while Corinthians* should be the next to sign a contract.

  • Flamengo: R$198 million (earned R$275 million in 2023);
  • Palmeiras: R$191 million (earned R$163 million in 2023);
  • *Corinthians: R$173 million (earned R$187 million in 2023);
  • São Paulo: R$150 million (earned R$112 million in 2023);
  • Gremio: R$145 million (earned R$170 million in 2023);
  • Atletico Mineiro: R$138 million (earned R$121 million in 2023);
  • Red Bull Bragantino: R$104 million (earned R$86 million in 2023);
  • Bahia: R$95 million (earned R$72 million in 2023);
  • Vitoria: R$87 million (received R$64 million in 2023).

It should be noted that the performance share will cause each value above to be different in 2025.

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