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Cruzeiro: Cibra defends Rafael Cabral, gets booed by fans at Mineirão

Cruzeiro: Cibra defends Rafael Cabral, gets booed by fans at Mineirão

New Cruzeiro coach Fernando Seabra defended Rafael Cabral after the match Draw against Colombian AlianzaIn Mineirão, Belo Horizonte. In the coach's first appearance, in the Copa Sudamericana match, the Celestials scored 3-0, but were equalized and booed by the fans.

In the second goal for the Colombian national team, which was scored by Batala, Cruzeiro's goalkeeper made a mistake and was insulted in the stands. It is worth highlighting this Cabral was booed throughout the match, even when the lineup was announced. By mistake, the Cruzeiro goalkeeper raised his hands and apologized to the fans.

In the press conference following the match, Seabra praised the goalkeeper and stated that Cruzeiro did not just make a mistake in the match.

“We are managing this within the technical committee. Cabral is very mature, he realizes the mistake he made. We made other mistakes when scoring the goal. Cabral was really decisive for us. We need to rely on everyone, and get everyone back. This failure happened, but we will work on it.” Other failures could have been decisive. I truly believe in the immutability of the word. We have to be vigilant,” he stressed.

According to Cruzeiro's new coach, Cabral needs to be “embraced” by the rest of the team as the season continues. The goalkeeper, one of the leaders in the locker room, heard demands from fans that Anderson take charge of Cruzeiro's goal.

“We see a very responsible athlete, with a good working mentality. That's what I've seen from the group since I arrived. The group was able to support him who was injured the most. There is mutual and mutual trust between the players. The perspective of what we can build is very good, but we have to learn Of our mistakes and successes, he added: “And to demonstrate development, so that opponents will not be able to exploit these difficulties.”

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Under pressure, Cruzeiro changes focus to make his debut in the Brazilian league

After being under intense pressure after competing for the South American Championship, Cruzeiro has now turned his focus to his debut in Series A of the Brazilian Championship. On Sunday (14), at 5pm (Brasilia time), the team will host Botafogo in Mineirão.