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Lesian Gutierrez denies Daniel Kotrim: My bag is at his house

Lesian Gutierrez denies Daniel Kotrim: My bag is at his house

According to columnist Léo Dias, in a special audio clip sent to her column and published on Sunday (24), Lécian Gutierrez decided to take a stand in their relationship. Daniel Kotrim refused, she would have said, “My bag is in his house.”

This fact drew attention and many people commented on the issue in a post on the web. Certainly, no one expected such a revelation, and for this very reason, the topic gives a lot of content. In short it was said:

“It’s eita after vish! In an exclusive audio clip sent to the LeoDias column, Lesian Gutierrez decided to give the position after businessman Daniel Kotrim denied having an affair with her. The former farmer was outraged by her partner’s behavior and even revealed that she was at his house hours before denying the two’s romantic relationship to the press.”

Reply to Lisian Gutierrez

However, Lesian Gutierrez left her comment in the post, explaining all the facts and events that implicated her in this case. In response, she even commented:

“Guys, again: I’m not in love with anyone. All I said was: We had a mutual friend who said we’d get along well and that was what was going on; including everything I said, the person was by my side, and I didn’t do anything behind my back.” Anyone and I expected the same, but it didn’t happen.Lésian Gutierrez replied that it was “just”.

In addition, the web audience left many other comments, where people can express their impressions of the event. Among the comments that stood out and drew attention were the following:

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“Get your bag right away and let’s appreciate it, because if you don’t take it, it’s just leagues!”
“Woman, appreciate yourself!” one follower initially commented. He finally wrote a third letter: “Those who think a man does not want commitment raise his hand.” Not to mention the many other comments that caught my eye in the post.

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