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Fans say the loser of the USA v England game should stick with James Corden

Fans say the loser of the USA v England game should stick with James Corden

What from anyone world Cup A football match without some jokes among the fans? On social media, some have joked that the loser of the US-England match should continue James CordenAn anchor responsible for getting involved in some controversies recently. information from NME🇧🇷

The match in question will be held next Friday, the twenty-fifth, at four o’clock in the afternoon (Brasilia time), in the stadium Al-Bayt🇧🇷 With high expectations, fans on both sides are already looking to raise the stakes. “If England beat the USA on Friday, they will have to keep going James Corden permanently,” one user wrote on Twitter.

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Another user joked: “This has become the greatest match in football history.” Another fan suggested how getting rid of the anchor would be “a bigger prize than any collecting [taça de] world Cup. It is worth remembering how Cord He must return to the UK after leaving the US talk show The late showscheduled for mid-2023.

Recent controversy with James Corden

In October 2022, James Corden He was temporarily banned from a New York restaurant for “toxic behaviour”. Officials claimed how the actor and presenter was, on two occasions, “extremely unpleasant”.

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in season, Keith McNallyOwner of the project Balthazar, wrote a post on Instagram. 🇧🇷James Corden He said, “He’s a very talented comedian, but he’s a bastard for a man.” “And my most notified clientele since opening the restaurant 25 years ago.”

visiting in June 2022, Cord He would claim a round of drinks ‘on the spot’ and previously ordered drinks were free because he would have found a hair in his food. After finishing the main course, the presenter and actor were “very annoying” with the restaurant manager.

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