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Elections in Avai: The winds of democracy that blew hard at Resacada last Saturday

It was a celebration of democracy and a sense of “belonging” to its audience. In a civil election, with each vote hope for a stronger and more solid club.

The team that worked on the elections. making history. – Photo: Alceu Atherino / Avaí FC

Historic Saturday abroad

Saturday was a historic day. not only for Hawaii, as well as football in Santa Catarina. The Democracy Party at Resacada Stadium was one of perfect harmony, peace and civility. From an early age, as soon as vote The airline of all ages and generations began with its commitment and commitment to the future of the club. In every vote, the hope is to see a better and stronger club. Among voters – and candidates – the certainty that whatever the next day’s poll results in will be different. The winds of democracy that blew so hard in the south of the island, is the certainty that the club has since no longer had an owner. Become partners, fans. The sense of “belonging” is undoubtedly the legacy – and pride – that the elections have left for the Avaí Futebol Clube.

Former President Nerio do Valle Pereira, at the age of 93, was the first to vote.  applause and emotion in risacada & # 8211;  Photo: Alceu Atherino / Avaí FCFormer President Nerio do Valle Pereira, at the age of 93, was the first to vote. Clap and emotion during a hangover – Photo: Alceu Atherino / Avaí FC
vote counting time & # 8211;  Photo: Alceu Ahterino / Avaí FCThe moment the votes were counted – Photo: Alceu Ahterino / Avaí FC

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