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Landim rules out Marcos Braz’s departure from Flamengo: “No…, he is my partner” |  Flamingo

Landim rules out Marcos Braz’s departure from Flamengo: “No…, he is my partner” | Flamingo

Invited by the political group União Rubro-Negra (URN) to discuss management FlamingoRodolfo Landim participated in a meeting on Monday evening in Botafogo, in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro. There were several issues on the agenda, and the name of Marcus Braz, vice president of football, came up. Attorney General Rodrigo Donche de Abranches was with Landim at the event.

Landim refuses to dismiss Marcos Braz from Flamengo: No…

Some URN members, responsible for 150 votes in the following elections for the Reds and Blacks and still without a defined candidate, questioned Braz’s work. Landim was keen to defend him and take responsibility for a disappointing 2023. Before directly mentioning the person responsible for football, he gave a long preamble in which he recalled the team’s achievements. Flamingo From 2019 to 2022 to justify the analysis of club and sport results at the aggregate level and not for an isolated season. Hey ge He gained access to audio recordings of the president’s speeches (click and listen).

After the introduction, the president said: Flamingo He has ruled out with great conviction – and with an expletive – any possibility of removing Braz, whom he refers to as a “partner” within the club.

– Many partners have already said: “You are fighting about Marcus and exhausting yourself. Refuse.” “No, sorry about my French,” I said. First, because the man is my partner, he is the man who bears the problems and stress with me. He’s always fighting with me. I know his level of dedication. At a time like this, would I be a coward and say it was his problem? There is no decision I make that was not made with me.

-I will not set the man on fire or beat him. Only people who don’t know me would think I would do something like this. I think Marcus is an excellent football representative. If you have criticism of football, I am responsible. There was no decision made without listening to me. So I am responsible and the first one who should change is me. You chose me. If you’re not happy, arrive soon and hire someone else. This is how democracy works.

One of those responsible for Landim going to the União Rubro-Negra meeting was External Relations Director Cacao Cota, one of the group’s leaders.

One of those responsible for Landim’s attendance at the URN meeting was External Relations Director Kakao Kota, one of the group’s leaders – Photo: Personal archive

Check out other things Landim said about poo

Landem highlights Braz’s dedication

– He is the Vice President of Football who, if you see the latest important achievements that Flamingo He was there, the 2006 Brazilian Cup, and the 2009 Brazilian Championship. It is true that he was not in the 2013 Brazilian Cup… but in all the victories we achieved, he was at the forefront of football. And in very bad conditions, much worse than what we can offer today. If you take the level of dedication that Marcus has… I work directly with him. He is a man who lives football and understands football. He lives in the middle, he’s a ball boy. He is a consultant, but he lives in Javea and lives in CT.

The condition that allows Braz to devote himself to it Flamingo

– Who can help me the most in football? People sometimes talk this way: they confuse the concept of professionalism with the fact that the topic is paid. Marcus was not paid. That’s why he’s not a professional?

Analysis of Braz’s work over five years, not just 2023

A professional is a man who understands the business. Whether payment is made or not is another matter. He said from the beginning: “I don’t want to make money because I don’t need to make money Flamingo. I want to work out of passion and I know what I’m doing.” I know it’s hard work when you have a year where we didn’t have titles that year, but I’m not going to analyze Marcus for a year.

-I will analyze Marcus’s results throughout the five years he spent by my side. And I’ll tell you this: I respect people’s opinions, but I think Marcus is an excellent vice president of football, and I don’t even think he’s good. I think it’s excellent.

Re-evaluation in the football department

– Now I think we have to evaluate everyone. Just as I think his (Marcus Braz) rating is the best, I also think there are people we have to change. I suspect. The time to do this will come, which will be at the end of the year. Let’s see who did well and who did poorly. See who made a mistake and who made a mistake. Did we have any responsibility for this?

The important political group, União Rubro-Negra, met on Monday in a hotel in the southern region – Photo: Personal Archive

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