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Black Myth Wukong can have 80 bosses and 160 enemy types

Black Myth Wukong can have 80 bosses and 160 enemy types

One leaker has gained a lot of attention on the Reddit forums and is known as Lunatic Ignus. After bringing news from The crimson desert that it Phantom code On the forum, a netizen provided those looking forward to Black Myth Wukong supposed news, including the number of bosses, which could be as high as 80.

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Apparently, those who like variety in combat will have a full plate when controlling the Monkey King. Wukong will face around 160 different enemies throughout the journey, which can be an accessible adventure for many, while avoiding the difficulty characteristic of Soul Games.

Black Legend Wukong
Source: Science Game

To improve, anyone who closes Black Myth Wukong for the first time will have a lot to do. According to Lunatic Ignus, the title will arrive with New Game+ at launch and will have multiple endings to explore.

Despite its great importance at the present time, the aforementioned leaker should not be considered an official source of information. It’s safe to wait for the creators of the title to reveal themselves. June is a month full of discoveries… you know, right?

The exciting trailer for Black Legend Wukong shows off new boss battles

It remains to be seen whether we will actually have 80 bosses in Black Myth Wukong. However, the latest trailers show that each of these encounters promises to be unique. Find out more here!

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