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Flamengo does not allow Laurent to train with the U-20 national team  Flamingo

Flamengo does not allow Laurent to train with the U-20 national team Flamingo

Laurent will not be allowed to participate in the training period of the Brazilian U-20 national team. Hey Flamingo He chose not to release the player on this FIFA date as the club will have further absences during this period. Varela, Viña, Eric Pulgar, de la Cruz and Arascaeta should feature in their teams’ squads.

Laurent plays in the Flamengo x Bolivar match — Photo: Marcelo Cortes/CRF

– Hey Flamingo He realizes that the player is in the main team and does not see space to train the youth team during this period. The player is very important and the club will do everything possible to continue to rely on the player during the FIFA data – commented Markus Braz, Vice President of Football when contacted by the reporter.

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FIFA data covers all categories and athletes are required to be released by their clubs during this period. Flamingo Palmeiras wants to summon their players, but this depends on the approval of the Brazilian Federation, which currently includes all the players.

The clubs are now awaiting the response of the Brazilian Federation, and realize that the entity will understand the decision. In the FlamingoThere is an understanding that there is a loophole in the FIFA rule such that the mandatory release determination is only applicable to the main team.

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Coach Ramon Menezes called up 23 players to the Brazilian U-20 national team last Friday. The youth will meet for a training period in Granja Comari on the next FIFA date, between 3 and 11 June.

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