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The Centenario, in Montevideo, is close to being confirmed as the stage for the 2021 Final

a CONMEBOL Libertadores 2021 is approaching the final stage of discovery. Centenario Stadium in Montevideo is ahead of other competitors to host the tournament decision.

At a press conference in Uruguay, Sebastian Boza, the national sports minister, confirmed that Konmebol had inspected the stadium, and that the mysterious theater had great chances of receiving the decision.

“We are candidates. The venue will be decided next week. Last week, people from CONMEBOL visited the centenary and said what we have to do. It is too long in advance. It will be decided next week, but we are very optimistic.”

One of Uruguay’s strengths to host the final of the major tournament in South America is the way the country’s government has acted in the face of a major global problem: the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The most important thing is for the vaccination to continue to progress until it has an audience, because one of Konmebol’s requests is for the final match to be with the audience,” Boza revealed.

The Secretary-General confirmed at the stadium that CONMEBOL called for repairs in changing rooms, especially in the visitors’ area, in lighting and for the lawn to be lowered so that the stadium approaches the stadium.

See below the other stadiums that are competing with Centenario for the Libertadores final:




The final of the major South American championships is slated to take place on November 20, Saturday, at 5 pm. a Palm trees He is the current champion of the competition.

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