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Lagiato government and US agency form partnership to promote training

Lagiato government and US agency form partnership to promote training

This Tuesday morning, the 30th, a meeting held at the Lagiato City Hall office confirmed the start of the work in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which helps improve the response protocols of the municipality and the region. Natural disasters.

In an online conversation with the agency's technical assistance advisor, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Paulo José Barbosa de Sousa of the Brasilia Army Fire Department, it was decided that companies in the region would have an online course. Training will be conducted with the first exercise called “Incident Command System”.

“This system is a tool we use to work on what is called disaster management. One part focuses on management and the other on operations. The system helps us measure, qualify and improve people's assistance to respond to disaster situations,” Sousa said.

After the historic floods in September 2023 the Lt Col was in Lajiado and organized meetings with municipal departments in December to ascertain the local situation and training needs.

“Our idea is to train our city, our teams and our organizations, so that we know what to do and how to act when faced with new crisis situations. We need to be ready, this training is only the beginning of this work. We will expand the training to other municipalities so that the crisis We will all be organized to act in times,” said Acting Mayor Glucia Schumacher.

The first online course offered on the USAID digital platform will be offered to 200 people who are part of municipal institutions and work with the administration in emergency situations: municipal secretariats, military force, fire department, police civil, federal highway police, criminal police, public ministry, Univates, press, Samu and Unimed, Alcepro, Water Support Volunteers, Regional Civil Defense and Security Coordinators (Creptec) and the Gaucha Association for Rescue, Rescue and Fire Volunteers (Asgrescia) ) In addition to these organizations, the Civil Defense from the local micro-region was also invited: besides Lajiado, Guapore, Estrela , Venancio Aires, Arroyo do Meo, Roca Sales, Passo do Soprato and Encantado.

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The course should begin in mid-February, and members of the 200-strong class have already been defined. After this group, a new class will be opened, in which representatives of municipalities that are members of the Association of Municipalities of Vale do Daquari (AMVAT) and Alto Daquari (Amat) will be invited.

“To be more efficient in our operations, we must work together in an organized way. Lieutenant Colonel Paolo Jose has already worked in disasters like Brumadino, commanded the National Civil Defense, and has a lot of knowledge to share,” explains Paolo Locatelli, Lagiato's Secretary of Public Security.

In addition to this training, USAID will hold virtual and in-person meetings with a local team responsible for conducting work in the region. The local committee consists of Mayor, Glacia Schumacher, Secretary Locatelli, Community and Institutional Relations Coordinator of the municipality, Günter Meyer, and USAID representatives, Melissa Couto, a psychologist specializing in disasters, and Colonel Romeu Rodrigues da Cruz Grandchild.


The agency is an organization of the US government that works in international humanitarian and development efforts to save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democratic governments, and help people move beyond aid. It is responsible for disbursing most foreign aid, following the guidelines of the US State Department.