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Essity Brands Wins Product of the Year 2024 Award

Essity Brands Wins Product of the Year 2024 Award

Essity's Bodyform and Plenty brands were awarded the 2024 “Product of the Year” award in what is considered the largest and most comprehensive product innovation survey in the UK.

With its innovative Cour-V technology, menstrual pad brand Bodyform won the “Period Care” category, while Plenty Flexisheets Tubeless paper towel won the “General Household” category. The award represents a significant achievement for both brands.

“We are proud to receive awards for the product for Bodyform and Plenty. These achievements reinforce our commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability and we are proud to offer consumers products that make a difference in their lives,” said Ruth Gresty, Consumer Products Marketing Director, Essity UK, Ireland, Middle East and Africa.

After winning the award, in the coming months, the packaging of the Bodyform Core-V Technology Pad and Plenty FlexiSheets Tubeless Paper Towel will be updated to include the “Product of the Year” logo.

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