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Kéfera shows off her toned body and warns: “I’m turning into a marumba”;  See before and after |  entertainment

Kéfera shows off her toned body and warns: “I’m turning into a marumba”; See before and after | entertainment

On Tuesday (26), Kevera Buchman posted on her personal Twitter page a new photo of herself in the gym, noting that she is “turning into a marumba.” The actress, writer and influencer shared her new routine on social media, which is now strict when it comes to training and bodybuilding. On her Instagram Stories, where she posts her gym workouts, as well as details about her current diet, she constantly shows off the changes in her body and lifestyle.

Kéfera shared a new look on social media – Image: Reproduction

In the comments, netizens praised the artist’s sculpted muscles and thanked her for the messages. “What a beautiful friend Dalia”, “Gracian 2.0”, “elegant Cibola”, wrote some followers.

In another post, this time on Instagram, Kevira compared herself with Gracian Barbosa, who is famous for her fitness, diet containing a lot of protein and intense training. “I’m at my peak Gracian Barbosa, eating 1,200 eggs a month,” the actress wrote in the caption of the photo.

“I’m in the area, Gracian,” Kevera wrote. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Kéfera has undergone some physical transformations lately. A year and a half ago, her defined muscles still haven’t shown up, nor has she shown the same dedication to daily exercise. However, this is not the first change that the actress has experienced on the health and aesthetic levels.

Before and after: In the first photo, Kevira a year and a half ago – photo: reproduction

Today, at the age of thirty, the influencer has already gained more than ten years of public life. In addition to experiencing a hair transformation in 2018, when she ditched the chemicals to reveal her naturally wavy hair, the influencer has already shared with her followers several transformations, whether through new healthy habits or beauty routines.

Kevera with natural hair, after hair transformation – Photo: Reproduction

Last June, for example, she had liposuction and did not hide the procedure from her followers – on Instagram alone, there are nearly 17 million. After doctors allowed her to recover, she returned to her exercise routine.

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The interest in a healthier life came around the age of 20, when he began to appreciate a better diet and lost 20 kilograms. Since then, Kevira has maintained her health care, and recently has been ramping up her bodybuilding workouts.