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Taylor Swift quits soccer game with Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift quits soccer game with Travis Kelce

New couple? This Sunday (9/24) Taylor Swift that it Travis Kelsey They took social media by storm when they were spotted together following rumors of a possible relationship. The singer was present at Arrowhead Stadium in Missouri, United States, to watch the American football match between the two teams. Chicago Bears that it Kansas City Chiefs.

At the Travis box, Swift wore a red jacket, the team she plays for, and celebrated the victory alongside the player’s mother Donna Kelce. Later, the two were seen walking together through the corridors of the stadium before leaving the venue by car. paying off:

Video clips of Taylor and Travis’ reactions excited the audience, both on the field and in videos circulating among the fans. In one, Kelce appears to be searching for Swift in the stands, and in another, the artist celebrates a player’s touchdown.

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Timeline between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

A few weeks ago, Travis participated in a podcast where he said he was at a show Tour of the ages – Also at Arrowhead Stadium. He tried giving Taylor a bracelet with his number on it, but was disappointed to find he couldn’t talk to the singer before or after the performance.

“She doesn’t know anyone. Or he doesn’t want to meet me,” Travis joked. Jason Kelseyplayer Philadelphia Eagles – The team, which Swift has already declared a fan of, responded that perhaps the singer was still upset about last season’s defeat.

Soon, rumors that the two were getting to know each other better began spreading on social media, and in their podcast appearances. The Pat McAfee ShowTravis was asked about this speculation.

Although he didn’t provide many details, he did say that he told Swift that he saw her “killing it on stage at Arrowhead [estádio]And she’ll have to watch him shake Arrowhead to see who rocked it a little more. He added: “We will see what happens in the future.”

And it looks like Taylor decided to take a closer look! According to the the peopleThe singer quickly accepted the player’s invitation. “Taylor is very focused on work and hanging out with her friends right now. Travis invited her to the game and she obviously said ‘yes,'” the informant revealed to the car. “I thought it would be a great way to spend a Sunday“, he added.

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