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Andre, Lucas and Rachel compete in the Farmers’ Test this Wednesday (27) – A Fazenda 15

Andre, Lucas and Rachel compete in the Farmers’ Test this Wednesday (27) – A Fazenda 15

Andre, Lucas and Rachel compete for the farmer’s hat and one of them can eliminate Rocca
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The first formation of Roça de Farm 15 Gave something to talk about! There was no way: there was nonsense, defensive speeches and explosions. The passers-by were nervous and tried to escape from the seats, which they were so afraid of.

The farmer Yuri Meireles He began his nomination speech and justified his vote Rachel Scheherazade. “I get along well with this person and respect them, but I don’t agree with their playing strategy. They have little interaction with people at home and it looks like they came to raise flags and they don’t feel comfortable here, missing Pete.”

The journalist defended herself and was convinced by the recommendation: “I think it is unfair for him to say that I do not speak to 90% of passersby. Now, there are circles in which we are accepted and others in which we are ignored. She said: ‘Self-love.’” The person said that the game played by a group Crias are dirty and they want to stay in HQ and win the program.

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Before starting to vote, Tonzao ChagasWinner B Flame retardant From the week, he opened the Lampião do Poder and chose to keep the white flame and gave the orange flame to Laranginha. The funk player won a two-weight vote and needed to choose another pawn to gain this advantage and ended up choosing it Camilla Simeone.

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And with that he changed Lily noob for every Andre Gonsalves. Then voting began at headquarters. Among the many debates and clashes, the highest vote-getter this week was Lucas Sousa, who occupied the second seat.

Natalia Valiente was pulled directly from Baia by the influencer and took the third seat. Finally, the person remaining in Resta Um was André Gonçalves, who completed the quartet of nominees for this week.

According to tradition, the fourth farmer had the task of objecting to one of the infantry candidates from the farmer’s test. Andre chose to veto Natalia Valente. Thus, this Wednesday (27) Rachel, Lucas and Andre compete for the coveted hat. Whoever wins, gets rid of the first farm in the version, and whoever breaks it, becomes the second farmer in the game.

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