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‘Kanalha’ TV news

‘Kanalha’ TV news

Cayo (Kawa Remon) will play the hero and put an end to the kidnapping of Joao (Matheus Assis) in Terra e Baixao. He will follow the country producer Ramiro (Amaury Lorenzo) to captivity and surprise him with a punch. They’ll roll on the floor, and the good guy will get the upper hand. “You bastard,” Daniel’s brother (Johnny Massaro) yells at Globo at 9am.

The country producer has been stalking longtime henchman Antonio (Tony Ramos) on Walcyr Carrasco. After pressing Kelvin (Diego Martins), he will be able to access the pawn stash Behind the scenes, which will be shown starting Friday (16).

Ramiro’s character Kawa Remon yells, “You bastard. You’re so naughty.” If she was taken out, the bad character wouldn’t end up behind bars because the protagonist would make it very clear that he didn’t want any more problems with his father.

With João in his arms, Cayo will surprise Allen (Barbara Reese) at the door of her farm. Desperate, she even considers handing over to La Selva one of her greatest assets – the river that runs through her estate and fills the eyes of Petra’s father (Deborah Osorio).

Jonatas (Paolo Lesas) will ask to report to the police, but his rival will stop him. The teacher herself will ask her friend not to tell the chief Marino (Leandro Lima) anything. “I am very afraid of Dr. Antonio, because you know what he is capable of,” she will explain.

Aline gives herself to Cayo

Kayo will then embrace Aline – who, in passion, will succumb to her friend’s affection. “The two are close to kissing,” Walsir Carrasco wrote in the class given to the actors.

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However, Daniel’s mistress is soon moving away. “Cayo… I like you very much, but…,” she will say, which will be interrupted by the lover, who will want to know if she has someone else.

Allen will change the conversation and say that he is a great friend of hers. “Friend… It’s the way of saying you don’t want me. Those who love do not want to be just friends. And I love you, AlineHe will once again declare himself to the handsome man.

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