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Having become a joke, Stênio Garcia wants to cash in on TV News’ face-matching

Having become a joke, Stênio Garcia wants to cash in on TV News’ face-matching

Stênio Garcia surprised netizens by sharing the result of his facial symmetry. The procedure did not please the public, and the 91-year-old actor became a joke on social media. Al-Khamis (15) spoke about the issue and said he wanted to benefit from the process. “It will look better,” he explained.

The artist commented on videos in Stories that his former assistant, Claudia Magalhaes, shared on Instagram. Garcia reassured the fans by explaining that the cause of the panic was the normal swelling from the operation. He believes that in a couple of weeks he will have a more natural look.

“There is nothing like what was shown on TV, because there was a reflector, they put on makeup,” Claudia explained. It will take about 15 days [para desinchar]. It will look nicer. I want to take advantage of it. I don’t want to look like a toddler, but if it’s less frizzy, even better.

Garcia showed his facial symmetry result this Tuesday (13), during the Fofocalizando programme, on SBT. After becoming a social media meme, the veteran responded to the criticism and explained that he decided to change his face to get new jobs.

With the repercussions of the case, the wife of the artist, Marilyn Saadeh, returned to the program, Wednesday (14), to comment on the attacks. The artist said that she did not care about the opinions of the “evil press”. “I’m already used to the bad stuff. I know it was cool, the harmony was a work of art. Am I going to call the internet stuff?” , She said.

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However, during the attraction, Marilyn is annoyed by a cross-talk response from Leo Dias, who gives his opinion on the procedure. I was offended, crying and threatening to complain to Silvio Santos. On Thursday, she confirmed that she would take legal action against the journalist and broadcaster.

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