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Report finds Christianity under attack in UK

Report finds Christianity under attack in UK

A new report by Voice for Justice UK (VFJ) warns that Christianity is being marginalized in the UK and that those who express the Christian faith are often treated with contempt. The study is based on responses from 1,562 UK Christians about their experiences of religious intolerance and discrimination.

Only 53% of respondents are reluctant to express their views on social issues, a figure that drops to 38% among under-35s.

More than half of Christians (56%) say they have been harassed or ridiculed for discussing their religious beliefs, rising to 61% among young adults under 35.

Additionally, 78% of respondents believe that religious discrimination is not treated as seriously as other forms of discrimination.

Respondents felt that anti-Christian discrimination was largely ignored. Specific examples include the National Trust’s calendar production, which includes celebrations of other religions and events such as LGBT+ History Month, but not Christian festivals. Many Christians noted attempts to accommodate other religions, while feeling that their own beliefs were not given the same consideration.

While 78% of Christians feel comfortable talking about their faith, a quarter say they feel the need to hide it at work, rising to a third of under-35s.

Half of those surveyed said they had negative perceptions of people of faith in their workplaces or places of study.

Examples include a Catholic student ostracized by university friends for his pro-life views and Christian workers ridiculed or ignored for their beliefs in the NHS and local councils.

MP Nick Fletcher highlighted the importance of Christianity in the fundamental values ​​of British society, such as tolerance and freedom of conscience. He emphasized the need to disseminate the report to raise awareness of the discrimination faced by Christians.

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According to Christian Today, Linda Rose, director of the VfJ, described the findings as alarming and highlighted the importance of Christianity in promoting tolerance and acceptance of diversity in British society. He said the society was affected by anti-Christian ideology against equality and non-discrimination laws.

The report was compiled in response to a study into intolerance and discrimination against Christians, which ranked the UK among the five worst countries in Europe for anti-Christian hate crimes. Additionally, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has criticized European governments, including the United Kingdom, for their treatment of individuals such as Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, who were accused of praying silently near abortion clinics.

A Voice for Justice report for the UK highlights the growing concern about discrimination and marginalization of Christians in the UK. These findings suggest the need for greater awareness and action to ensure that religious discrimination is treated as seriously as other forms of discrimination, thereby protecting diversity and freedom of expression in British society.