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The Foo Fighters perform a new and unfinished song during the show

The Foo Fighters perform a new and unfinished song during the show

oh foo, fighters They kicked off their UK tour and surprised their fans with their first show in Manchester on Thursday (13) night.

Led by the team Dave Kroll Added new song “Unconditional” to his set; Although unknown to fans of the band, it appeared on the Foose’s records some time ago.

to effect (through Loudwire), a rep for the band said the song was “partially written and [teve uma] A demo was made during home studio sessions last year, but left unfinished. He added:

The band’s reinvention of ‘Unconditional’ happened in great spontaneous Foo Fighters fashion: the song came up in a conversation during rehearsals for the UK tour, and it only needed one pass. It was immediately decided to share it with everyone alike – live.

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The Foo Fighters embarked on a UK tour

The show, which marked the start of a British tour, saw Foo Fighters perform 23 songs exploring different stages of their careers, including at least one song from each album. Sonic Highways2014.

Among the show’s highlights, in addition to Lost, was a slower version of the anthem “My Hero” and Dave Grohl performing a solo acoustic version of the latest “Under You” for the first time.

The show closed with the 1997 classic “Everlong,” which started twice after Grohl’s guitar had some technical glitches.

Foo Fighters play new music in the UK