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Juliette and Gilles de Vigor have an emotional and tearful encounter in a documentary from Paraíba: “You Raised Me”; Come and watch

are they! The long-awaited reunion between JULIET e Gilles de Vigor It finally happened on the screens of the documentary series about Paraibana. The Tuesday (20) episode of “You Never Be Alone” was released with the title “A Star is Born”, the first time the two met together after the semi-finals of “BBB21”. Enthusiastically they exchanged praise and even saw testimonies from fans of the make-up artist, who told how they organized themselves to get rid of the Pernambuco native from reality.

Jill and Joe watched some moments of the show, including a scene from Pernambuco with Sarah and Fyuk questioning the attorney’s true intentions. After the video, the economist declared:I want to take this opportunity to thank you. You did not abandon me regardless of my mistakes. You have the ability to see beyond situations“.

Do not allow the mistakes of others to change your identity. thanks for helping me. You raised me. You were right when I said I was lost, and you found me again. I love you. Forgive me for everythingHe continued, “And tears shed from the champ. In another moment, one of Juliet’s fans, Ingrethe Silva de Oliveira, explained a little behind the scenes of the intense vote that ended in the elimination of Jill.

Not many people really believed in this friendship that Jill was having with Juliet. In order not to get into a fight, people decided to create a group of who were outside of Camilla and who were outside of Jill. We had to vote and put in the group the number of votes we gave. In our group alone, there were over 250,000 votes (to eliminate Gilberto),” he said.

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This doesn’t mean we didn’t like Jill, he was a very strong candidate and managed to beat Juliette in the finalexplained Marcelo, another fan of the hero. “As much as they had already decided at home, as much as Jill had already apologized, we chose to keep Camilla (from Lucas), who was a great ally.Carlene Ferraz set. The end of this story, everyone already knows: Gilberto was eliminated, leaving the final between Juliette, Camila and Fiock. Baribana ended up winning by reality hand, reaching 90.15% of the vote.

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But the economist agreed with the strategy of the hero’s fans. “Thinking strategically, the crowd must be smart. If they suddenly thought it was best to go with one person to make it easier in the final for who they rooted for, they would. But the strong were also brave, he analyzed, recognizing the efforts of his fans.They (the crowd) are the rational part and I am the emotional part. If you were in the final with me, it would be a jobاJoe said.

Also present in this new episode is finalist Camilla, who has established a strong friendship with the lawyer within the program. The influencer said, crying a lot, that she was very happy with her friend’s success. “I said no one listens to you. I talked, could it be? There we have not seen everything. I am proud of you. You are being honored for being a good person. We reap good things in front of our characterCarioca announced.

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Another very touching moment in the movie “A Star is Born” was the meeting between Ju and Maria Gadu. The singer entered singing “Donna Sella”, a song that is very important to the hero. She even actually sang it, resulting in remixes that went viral on the Internet. Upon seeing Jadu, Juliet burst into tears of emotion. Then the two made a duet in a beautiful scene! Watch: