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Windows 11 Preview is updated with various visual tweaks and bug fixes

Windows 11 Preview is updated with various visual tweaks and bug fixes

Microsoft is taking another step in the evolution of Windows 11 this week. Windows Insiders are now getting a preview of OS build 22000.71 on the dedicated developer channel. The package has interesting but not very large new features, as well as a huge list of bug fixes.

Perhaps the most notable addition is the Entertainment Tool, a new window focused on showcasing hit movies available from the Microsoft Store. The window should be added to the widget tray, which is launched from a button on the taskbar.

The widget shows the main highlights of the store catalog and clicking on it takes you directly to the purchase page (Image: Reproduction/Microsoft)

Users can install the tool manually by searching for the add-on in the Add Tools menu. However, job availability is limited to some countries: among them are the USA, UK, Canada and France, and Brazil has been excluded from this first wave.

File Explorer has also received a new interface called SplitButton. Buttons embedded in the feature bar may include “hooks” that pull up menus rather than just contain actions.

Options to hide sub-menus to unload top bar (Image: Playback / Tom Hardware)

For example, the New Folder section has a hidden submenu in the New Item option – which basically consists of alternatives for creating a new file, be it a shortcut, a text document, or a compressed directory. This novelty may not please everyone, because it takes the user away from the basic actions, and requires a few extra clicks to find it.

visual retouching

Visually, there have been two changes: the context menu, previously made up of a solid color, now contains another texture, this time more transparent. The extension is part of the Acrylic Design Language (“Acrylic”, in Portuguese) and does not change the functionality of the feature at all.

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Before (left) and after (right) (Image: Playback / Microsoft)

The taskbar preview, the familiar little windows that display when hovering over open program icons, has also been changed. Now, they should be more in line with the look of the operating system.

Previews are now shown with rounded corners (Image: Reproduction/Microsoft)

Bugs fixed in large numbers

The list of bug fixes is quite extensive. 17 usability issues with the taskbar alone have been fixed, but the file explorer, tools, search bar, and other features have also been tweaked.

Programs pinned to the taskbar should no longer be opened by dragging their icons; Shift + right-click combination should trigger a different action menu; Power control should not indicate that the battery has been saved accidentally; And the app switch menu (the popular Alt + Tab) should not stop when buttons are released. The full list of changes can be found at Microsoft official website (In English).

In this early access, it’s normal for bugs and bugs to occur in large numbers — and even more so in Win 11. There isn’t even an exact date for the operating system yet, but Microsoft said it plans to release it widely in early 2022.

Currently, only users of the test program have official access to the operating system. It is free to sign up and the registration process is not complicated. Just go to the website of الويب Windows Insider Proceed with the registration process with your Microsoft account.

Source: Tom’s devicesAnd the Microsoft