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Georgia and Thiago from Power Couple are eliminated with 4.59% of the vote - RecordTV

Georgia and Thiago from Power Couple are eliminated with 4.59% of the vote – RecordTV

a Brazil Power Couple 5 Come to the end for Georgia Frolich and Thiago Bertoldo! The pair were disqualified from competing on the live show this Tuesday (20) with 4.59% of the vote. They lost the dispute against Deborah Albuquerque, Bruno Salumao, Mary Matarazzo and Matthew Urley to public favor in a vote held in R7.com.

The 11th DR was formed into reality after the result Couples special tastingWhich happened last Monday (19). Li Martins and JP Mantovani won the activity and escaped the hot seat.

With that, the other participants faced the public vote.

In confinement, Georgia and Thiago showed that they are partners in cohabitation and the game. The couple avoided quarrels with each other and with other colleagues. Carol and JeonjunAnd the Deborah and Bruno e Lee HJB They were great allies and shared several fun episodes with the couple.

However, it is almost impossible not to participate in a discussion in reality. The duo’s most tense moment at Power Mansion came after their rivalry match Frictions With Danny and Fabio.

Until the last DR, Georgia and Thiago managed to stay safe in the hot seat. They did very well in the singles and pairs dynamics, winning the position couple strength three times.

Unfortunately, the couple did not have the public’s preference and were disqualified on Tuesday (20).

Under the leadership of Adriane Galisteu, he Brazil Power Couple 5 It airs Monday through Friday, starting at 10:30 p.m.; And on Saturday, at 23:00, on the screen TV recording. arrive to Play Plus And stay informed of everything going on in the reality of couples!

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