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Outside of “BBB 23,” Cara de Sapato shows apartment details in the US: “Lar doce casa” |  BBB

Outside of “BBB 23,” Cara de Sapato shows apartment details in the US: “Lar doce casa” | BBB

Out of “Big Brother Brasil 23” and unable to attend the final, Cara de Sapato returned to Florida, in the United States, where he had been living before the programme. There, the fighter showed details of the decoration of his apartment, which is located in the city of Boca Raton. Light colors dominate the environment, with furniture in a straight line mainly in gray and white. There is a large window in the room that favors natural light.

The fighter showed light decoration

“Happy Home,” Sabato wrote.

Later, sitting on the sofa, the former BBB player played the role of “micro-blogger” and asked what fans wanted to see in the new routine. Offering his breakfast, he showed off a belt he had already won and threw himself on the bed to converse with his followers.

Cara de Sabato House in the US – Image: Reproduction

“Long later, I’m home, wearing my bunion for the game (laughs). Tell me what you want me to show here so I can try to comply with the blogger,” he said.

Boot shoes

During “BBB 23”, EXTRA opened Cara de Sapato’s locker in the same house in the United States to see what shoes the fighter was wearing. In this, you can see the organization of the previous brother, just as required in the house.

Cara de Sapato shoes – Image: Eusébio Mendonça / Disclosure and Personal Archive

Antonio is not a hoarder. Always organized, he can keep a dry but functional closet. It became like this when he moved to the US, because of MMA. I believe that by sharing a home with other athletes, organization was essential for a good coexistence. And he took it very seriously, because everything about it is always so well put together. Here at home it is exactly like “BBB”. He gets upset when he sees a mess, and asks us to put it in order or fix everything himself, – said Wilma Montero, the fighter’s mother at the time.

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