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Javier Miley begins an international tour

Javier Miley begins an international tour

The Argentine president traveled on a commercial plane; It will stop in Jerusalem, Rome and the Vatican

On Monday (February 5, 2024), Argentine President Javier Miley began a series of official visits to other countries. Travel business class on a commercial aircraft. He is accompanied by a delegation of only 3 employees, including his sister, Karina Miley.

The liberal will begin his trip by going to Israel to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. After that, he goes to Rome, the capital of Italy, for an appointment with the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. Finally, the Argentine leader will participate in the canonization of the first Argentine saint, Mama Antola, and will meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

The visit to Jerusalem had been scheduled since the election of the current Argentine president. After confirming the election results as follows: At the invitation of Netanyahu to visit the country.

On the other hand, the Argentine President's meeting with the Pope will take place under different circumstances. During the election campaign, the current president insulted the Pope and described him as a… “The idiot who stands for social justice” that it “representative of evil”.

Meanwhile, Argentina is going through the crucial moment to approve the “bus law” proposed by the government of Javier Miley. On Wednesday (January 31, 2024), representatives approved the package in a vote By 144 votes to 109 votes. This week, vote on the project's highlights.

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