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What does a series of military coups say about Russia’s progress in Africa |  the topic

What does a series of military coups say about Russia’s progress in Africa | the topic

The sequence of coups in African countries, more than in the common region, comes against the background of another peculiarity: the Russian advance in the continent.

“We’re talking about a very busy geopolitical environment. We really had periods of stability in which different countries, different powers, had their spheres of influence there, and this northwestern part of Africa was a very comfortable space for France to operate, for example,” explains Tanguy Bagdadi. .

The army announced a coup in Gabon on Monday (7) – Photo: Reuters

In an interview with the O Subject podcast this Monday (4), Professor of International Politics at Vega de Almeida University and founder of the Petit Journal podcast assesses Russia’s interest in the continent based on the country’s interest in changing its international inclusion.

“It is a continent where there is a great economy growing, so you have great prospects for economic growth, there is a need to buy food, which Russia can provide, and there is a desire to buy weapons, which Russia also represents.” able to display.”

In Tanguy’s assessment, Russia appears and presents itself as an alternative to the historical enmity between these countries and France.

“So, it was not uncommon for us to see in these coups that have happened in Mali, Gabon, Chad, Niger, all countries when a coup like this happens, they end up flying Russian flags completely as a way of showing themselves as a counterpoint to the French presence.”

Tanguy Bagdadi: The African continent is an interesting area for Russia