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Jalsa Salana, the annual international gathering of the Islamic Ahmadiyya Community, brought together thousands of people in the United Kingdom.

Jalsa Salana, the annual international gathering of the Islamic Ahmadiyya Community, brought together thousands of people in the United Kingdom.

19/Aug 10:25

By Newsroom/Tribune of Petropolis

Jalsa Salana, the annual meeting of the Ahmadi Muslim Community of United Kingdom, was held on 28th, 29th and 30th of July. The event brought together various religious leaders, intellectuals, politicians and representatives from various countries with the aim of promoting peace, interfaith understanding and global unity.

The event was marked by inspiring speeches, various exhibitions and moments of prayer and spiritual reflection. His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the administrative and spiritual head of the Ahmadiyya community in more than 200 countries, delivered five speeches during the event, including one dedicated to women. Topics like good morals and ethics, social justice and world peace were also addressed in the speech.

Apart from academic talks, political, religious and social leaders delivered short speeches at the Annual Meeting. Messages from various leaders were also delivered, the highlight of which was a message from King Charles III, who congratulated Ahmadiyya for the event and showed his appreciation for the work of the community and the message led by the Khalifa.

The event also announced the winner of the Ahmadiyya of Islam Prize for Promoting Peace, awarded to outstanding male and female students in their studies and to individuals or organizations who have excelled in promoting peace around the world. This year’s winner is David Spurdle, an English teacher who founded Stand By Me, an NGO that has saved more than 10,000 children in 11 countries around the world.

Among the exhibits, Humanity First, a humanitarian aid NGO of the Ahmadiyya community, stood out. Several aspects of his work were shown, including a sample of work carried out in Brazil.

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To host the event, an infrastructure and logistics system was put in place to provide accommodation, food and transportation to all the participants, who were attended by more than 41 thousand people from 118 countries around the world.

Brazil representatives at the meeting

A Brazilian delegation comprising members of the Ahmadiyya community and guests also participated in the event. Headed by President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Brazil, Ima Waseem Ahmad Zafar, the delegation counted in the presence of Ijaz Ahmad Zafar, Secretary of the Community, and Fred Procopio, Councilor and Deputy Chairman of the Petropolis City Council. , and journalist Luis Charles da Silva. The participation of the Brazilian delegation contributed to the cultural and religious diversity of Jalsa Salana.

After the event, on July 31, the delegation went to the Brazilian Embassy in London. There, they were welcomed by Minister-Counselor João Marcos Paes Leme and had the opportunity to discuss the community’s achievements and ongoing efforts to promote peaceful and harmonious coexistence among different religious and cultural groups.

Photo: Disclosure

A Brazilian delegation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community also met the Khalifa on August 2. According to representatives of the community in Brazil, the meeting was a moment of deep inspiration because the Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, is known worldwide for his leadership and commitment to the values ​​of peace and harmony.”

President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Brazil, Ima Waseem Ahmad Zafar, spoke about the opportunity to represent Brazil at the Jalsa Salana in the United Kingdom.

“It is an honor to attend this significant event and share the message of peace and love with the world. We believe that through constructive dialogue and mutual understanding, we can create a more harmonious future for all,” said Imam Jafar.

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Islam and Ahmadiyya

The Ahmadiyya Community is a branch of Islam, founded in 1889, that sought to spread the message of peace, tolerance and love through its religious and humanitarian activities. It was founded by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who claimed to be the promised Messiah of the time. Starting in India, it soon spread across the world. A distinctive feature of the Ahmadiyya community is its caliphate, a continuous lineage of spiritual leaders who guide members in matters of faith, morality and social engagement. The current caliph of the Ahmadiyya community, His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, assumed leadership in 2003 and leads Ahmadiyya worldwide from headquarters in Tilford, England.

The Ahmadiyya Community Caliphate plays an important role in promoting the core values ​​of peace, justice and equality. Khalifa is a respected figure not only among members of the Ahmadiyya community, but also among religious leaders and government officials around the world. Its spiritual leadership transcends boundaries and seeks to unite people of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds towards a common goal: a world free of conflict and hatred.

As the world faces complex challenges and deep divisions, the message of peace from the Ahmadiyya Islamic Community and the spiritual leadership of the Khalifa continues to provide a beacon of hope and a vision for a harmonious and inclusive future. At a time when peaceful coexistence is more important than ever, the Ahmadiyya community is an example of how faith can be a unifying and transformative force for the good of all humanity.

In Brazil, the Ahmadiyya Community of Islam is directed by Imam Wasim Ahmad Zafar, the country’s leader and chief missionary of Ahmadiyya, and has its headquarters in Petropolis, 215, Estrada da Saudade, where its Baitul Awal Mosque has been opened. To know the place or to know about the religion.

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