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Pressure from US, EU and Russia accelerates Internet crash - 02/27/2022 - Nelson de Cha

Pressure from US, EU and Russia accelerates Internet crash – 02/27/2022 – Nelson de Cha

Because of the endless number of parallel sanctions on Russia The Wall Street Journal Unable to do so with oil and gas, the United States, Germany and other media and technology companies have begun to surround themselves.

Reported on Friday (25) ForbesDemocrat Mark Warner, chairman of the Senate Investigative Committee, sent letters to Alphabet (Google, YouTube), Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp), Twitter and other sites, demanding action against Russian outlets such as RT and DOS agencies and Sputnik. .

Disgustingletters, The goal And Twitter After a while, the payment of the above accounts and others was stopped. They also cut down on monetization and the ads that run on them.

In return, Russia Restricted Facebook and Twitter were almost inaccessible in the country past Sunday Reports Russian journalists.

Sunday, via Twitter, German Ursula van der LeyenThe head of the European Commission said the European Union was “developing tools to ban” Russian vehicles, preventing them from accessing them via the Internet.

Moscow, for its part, has already banned Germany DWIn response to Berlin’s previous ban on the same RT.

This increase makes it difficult for users to track the aforementioned vehicles, but many more, on both sides, threaten the Internet itself, warns WSJ In Detailed Reporting – featured with some caution by leading technology news aggregator, Techmem.

In short, the newspaper publishes, ÔÇťAnalysts say this conflict could accelerate the breakdown of the Internet, which until recently split. [apenas] Between China and the rest of the world. “

He pointed out that as part of the same movement, the Indian government had now excluded the giant Dictak and other Chinese bases.

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Now some sites like the Russian-language Telegram in the Emirates do not give. Its founder, Pavel Trov, received a letter from Warner and was under pressure from Russia, but he refused any restrictive measures. Commercial – Throughout the Sunday afternoon, the newspaper that could only be accessed via telegram.


Focusing more on editing content, The Twitter Govt warned U.S. users about convoys of trucks heading to Washington to oppose the restrictions, such as stopping the Canadian government.

Link to the agency ReutersThe photo above is with the news that the Department of Defense has already deployed 700 National Guard troops and 50 “tactical vehicles”.

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