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Isaquias Queiroz and Godmann in the rowing semi-finals

Isaquias Queiroz and Godmann in the rowing semi-finals

The duo of Isaquias Queiroz and Jacky Godmann are in the semi-finals of the C2 1000m, speed rowing class. The Brazilians finished the quarter-finals in first place on Monday (2) and are still alive in the hunt for a medal.

From start to finish, the pair completed the race in 3m 48s 611. The first three pairs of each bracket qualify for the semi-finals. The others compete in the final B that does not deserve a medal.

In Raia 5, Isaquias and Godmann had a dispute about starting the battery with the Russian duo, made up of Viktor Melantev and Vladislav Chebotar. In the first 250 metres, the Brazilians advanced with 54s57 against the Russians’ 54s90.

Halfway through the race, the Brazilians made the 1m52s92 and continued to lead. At the last stage, the Romanians and Ukrainians bypassed the Russians. However, Europeans did not threaten Isaac and Goodman.

The semi-finals and final of the C2 1000m will be on Monday, starting at 9:44 pm (Brasilia time).

The only Brazilian to win three medals at the same Olympics, a feat achieved at the 2016 Rio Games, Izequias will also compete in the C1 1000m, on Thursday, at 21:44 (Brasilia time).

Isaac lying on the deck after the race

The Brazilian, the medalist, seemed to feel the difficulty of the race. When he finished, he immediately lay on the deck, exhausted.

“C2 is always heavy. We were a lot unbalanced in the race, there was a wave in the beginning, in front of the start it ended up leaving a wave, so it ends up getting in the way at the start. But we forced a lot,” said Izekias.

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He also explained that they chose to maintain a strong pace even after opening up a good lead. According to the pair, it was a strategy by the coach, Loro de Sousa, to “enforce respect.”

He explained, “We chose what the coach told us to do. The coach told us to come up front, go forward, not let anyone come forward to impose respect, and show that we are here.”

The wind against the boat in the dispute was another problem. Because it’s light, having to paddle with the wind going against the boat is an added difficulty, which makes racing more challenging.

“We trained a lot and did another race, which is the quarter-finals, we end up giving more speed to the race. With a good arrival tomorrow, the wind was very strong this afternoon, but we beat the wind and trained,” the Olympic medalist told the canoe.

Non-Boat Settings

after the test, Isaac NS Jackie They said they already imagined that qualifying would be difficult because of the quality opponents, who, in the duo battery, took three medals at the 2019 World Championships.

Although a quarrel in the quarter-finals means a sprint and therefore extra effort, Isakias stated that an extra quarrel can be beneficial, as it helps with boat modifications.

“It ends up being beneficial, it also ends up being harmful, but we have a long break from here until tomorrow,” Izekias said.

The duo also said they went to Japan with a clear goal: to win a medal.

“We didn’t come here on a tour, so we’ll do our best,” said the boat driver. “We don’t just want to get to the final, we want to get there and win a medal, it’s been a painful job for five years, so we want to fight for a medal,” he concluded.

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