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Is Google spying on you?  Protect yourself with these privacy settings!

Is Google spying on you? Protect yourself with these privacy settings!

The digital world often tracks our steps, preferences, and Google, as a technology giant, is no exception. But what if I told you that you could have more control over what gets stored?

In this guide, we'll explore five Google privacy settings that deserve your immediate attention. Let us strengthen your digital defenses!

5 Google privacy settings you should pay attention to

Disabling GPS and YouTube history: The roadmap to privacy

Each step recorded in Maps creates a path on your Google Timeline. In addition to your searches, a detailed map of your routes is stored.

But don't worry, you can take back control. Go to Timeline and disable the option to save this information. Then, on the same page, go to YouTube History, select all options and click Disable. Your digital tracks will no longer be recorded.

Online Activity Tracking: Hide your digital fingerprint

Hey Google It tracks your every move across your online systems, creating a profile that shapes personalized advertising. Protect your privacy by disabling this function.

Simply sign in to your Google Account, search for “Google My Activity” and disable the setting in “Web & App Activity.” This way, your online habits are no longer a source of personalized advertising.

Permission to use reviews: your opinion, your rules

When evaluating services on the Play Store, Google collects data that can be used for promotion. If you prefer to keep your opinion private, click (https://myaccount.google.com/shared-endorsements?pli=1) , scroll down and uncheck the blue box at the end. The review experience will be yours alone, without any promotional use by Google.

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Data Permissions for Ads: Say no to personalized ads

On the Permissions page, you'll see the “Personalized Ads” section. Click the blue button to disable it and prevent Google from using other permissions on your profile to create targeted ads.

Public Profile Data: Control your online exposure

When you create a Google profile, some information becomes public. Make sure you are comfortable with this vision. Access (https://myaccount.google.com/profile) To check public data and disable what you prefer not to share.

Protect your Online privacy It's a continuous journey. By adjusting these settings, you can take back control of what is shared. Stay safe, protect your digital footprint, and navigate the world of Google online with confidence.