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Instagram changes its algorithm and starts penalizing accounts that copy content

Instagram changes its algorithm and starts penalizing accounts that copy content

Instagram announced today (30) Important changes to your algorithm that will directly affect “copy and paste” calculations., known for reposting content. The goal is to evaluate profiles that post original content in recommendations.

According to Instagram, the targets are content aggregation accounts, those that download and repost videos and/or photos from third parties, and perform serial reposts without permission from the original creator. Users who do this more than 10 times within a 30-day period will be penalized.

Penalized content collection accounts will receive a notification from Instagram.source: Edge/Reproduction

Profiles captured by the algorithm perform reposts above the allowed limit It will not be recommended in the main feed and explore section for 30 daysAs Meta explained. Furthermore, reposted content will be replaced with original posts in recommendations, as a way to increase its reach.

The penalty will be applied Even if the combined profile mentions the author in the post, this should influence the celebrity fan pages and those that repost the inspirational photos found on Instagram, For example. The social network may recommend sanctioned accounts again after one month.

Show the smallest accounts

In addition to the change, which will not affect accounts that have licensing agreements or sharing permission granted by original content creators, the platform will also have New classification algorithm. In this case, the idea is to “give all creators equal opportunities for advancement,” according to Instagram.

To give equal opportunities to everyone, the social network's recommendation system will now be activated We recommend Reels from small accounts to a small portion of users who might be interested in this content. Posts that get the best results will be shown to a wider audience, making them more likely to go viral.

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Currently, suggestions are based on engagement with posts, which in theory prioritizes posts by accounts with large numbers of followers. This new system will begin to be implemented in the coming months.