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Did you know that Nintendo already has web browsers for Windows?  look

Did you know that Nintendo already has web browsers for Windows? look

The beginning of the Internet It is a mystery to many people. Some things that happened at that time, although they did not happen long ago, are unknown and form part of a minority's memory.

One such case, of course, is Nintendo's bookmarked web browsers that are designed to run on Windows. Yes, it existed once, believe me.

In 2000, MediaBrowser released several browsers from Nintendo. In reality, these were branded versions of Internet Explorer, created with the aim of selling advertising and attracting the interest of players.

Versions created

One of Nintendo's first browsers showed a tag for the game “Pokémon” – Image: Reproduction

The first two browsers released for Nintendo were for “Pokémon Gold & Silver” and “Mario Tennis”. Anyone from the CD era will remember this.

It was first made available in A CD For those who pre-ordered a copy of Pokémon.

The following year, 2001, other Nintendo-branded versions were released, but with different themes: “Paper Mario” and “Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask”.

Video retrospective

Nintendo's browser development even included the “Nintendo Power” magazine, when it was already in its final stage.

After Chapter 7, the company applied for… bankruptcy It closed the site on which it remained active. This directly affected the fate of the franchise's browsers.

The company's debts amounted to 2.49 million US dollars. It is widely believed that this was a result of the Internet boom and a change in public behaviour.

Are you curious to better understand Nintendo's browsers? The video below gave a brief retrospective. look: