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iPhone 14 Plus goes on sale in Brazil;  Check prices

iPhone 14 Plus goes on sale in Brazil; Check prices

The last cell phone of a family new iphone Arrive in Brazil on Friday (28). a Iphone The 14 Plus officially starts at R$8,599.

In addition to compatibility with 5G, it features a larger screen and battery. Compared to the “regular” iPhone 14, the screen grows by 0.6 inches (up to 6.7, which equals 17 cm) and the battery lasts 6 hours longer. Otherwise, they are both very similar.

Apple offers five color options: black, silver, blue, purple, and red.

Check all prices:

  • iPhone 14 Plus (128 GB): R$8599
  • iPhone 14 Plus (256 GB): 9599 BRL
  • iPhone 14 Plus (512 GB): 11,599 Brazilian Real

What’s new in iPhone 14 Plus

Like its “younger” brother, the Plus model has an A15 Bionic processor, the same processor that Apple launched last year.

The number 12 is one of the most important highlights of the line Megapixelswhich captures up to 50% more light than the iPhone 13.

Another important feature is that it has optical stabilization: motion picture recording is less blurry. (The function must be activated by selecting the option “Energetic the situation“.)

The model can do 4K video recording.

iPhone 14 colors

Photo: reproduction

The 12MP selfie camera comes with the ability to take photos with the effect of background blur or different types of lighting (such as natural light, studio, black and white).

The battery, according to Apple, lasts up to 26 hours of live video playback. That’s 6 more than the same experience on the iPhone 14.

If you fall into the water, no problem: it is resistant to a depth of 6 meters for 30 minutes (IP68 certification).

Default SIM: US only

In the United States, the entire line Iphone 14 Sold without a physical SIM slot. They work with eSim, a virtual SIM. This way, people need to activate it directly on the carrier. In Brazil, the company decided to sell iPhones with the traditional chip tray.

SOS Emergency: Not in Brazil

The iPhone 14 Plus, like the other brothers, was launched with Emergency SOS, a system that connects the iPhone to satellites in case of emergency. The idea is that the phone can have some kind of connection even in places with no internet or phone signal. prison cell.

Unfortunately, the novelty will still be limited to the United States and Canada. However, it is a very interesting technology that can be expanded in a few years (if it works well).

The new iPhone 14 devices have satellite communication for emergency - on - on

The new iPhone 14 devices have satellite connectivity for emergencies

Photo: reproduction

How does it work? Phones contain Application Which helps in satellite communication. The user needs to point the device to a satellite to get the connection. Once connected, you can submit basic information, such as reporting the occurrence and location.

* With information from the article by Bruna Souza Cruz and Marcela Duarte

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