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iOS 16 gets a release date;  Find out if your iPhone will be updated |  Operating systems

iOS 16: 7 Functions You Need To Test When Updating Your iPhone | Operating systems

a iOS 16 Released for download on Monday (12) and is available for models from iPhone 8. The update brings major changes to .’s operating system An appleEspecially when it comes to cell phone customization. It is now possible, for example, to choose between different types of patterns to add to the home screen and lock screen; Make stickers by touching photo elements and even share photo and video albums with friends and family. Here’s how the new features work in iOS 16 and which ones are worth testing.

Discover five new iOS 16 functions to test on your iPhone – Photo: Letícia Rosa / TechTudo

1. Lock screen customization options

Apple’s operating system update has made some changes to the cell phone’s lock screen. With iOS 16, users have more customization options. You can now edit clock fonts, lock screen colors, and add more widgets to your lock screen. In addition, it is possible to select screens with animations and improve the readability of smartphone texts by adding a blur to the background image. To access Personalization, simply press the lock screen and tap Personalize, which is the button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

The iOS 16 lock screen has received several customization options – Image: Disclosure / Apple

Another difference is that Iphone It now also detects people and items in the foreground to allow for small overlays, giving a sense of depth to your lock screen wallpaper. Finally, when the user selects images in portrait mode to place on the wallpaper, the system suggests options for fonts, colors, and effects.

2. Highlight optimization

Spotlight received some tweaks in iOS 16 to improve searching in apps, messages, and files on iPhone. The new version allows the tool to be used to perform actions on the system such as changing focus or starting a timer. Other interesting options are also included, such as the ability to make a file crab Fetch more accurate search results from apps.

It is worth noting that the tool got a new form of access with the update. Now, you can search directly from the iPhone home screen. There is a small search bar right above the menu, and to use it, you just have to click on the magnifying glass and search.

Spotlight search tool improved in iOS 16 – Photo: Playback / Apple Insider

3. Shared library

iOS 16 also brings the Shared Library. The feature allows you to create albums in . format iCloud Up to six people can access, delete, edit, or add photos simultaneously. The function makes it easy to share photos between friends and family, which can be useful for exchanging photos taken on trips and events, for example.

iOS 16 introduces a new way to share photos with friends and family – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

The iPhone keyboard also gained improvements with the iOS update. The new Haptic Touch feature vibrates very quickly when the keys are pressed, giving a “click” sensation. To use it, users must enable “Haptic Touch” in the iPhone settings. There, select the “Sounds and Haptics” option. Then go to “Keyboard Feedback” and click on the “Haptic” button to enable the feature. The function is a good choice for confirming actions performed with a cell phone keypad.

The touch keyboard vibrates when the user presses the keys – Image: Play / MUO

5. Create stickers with the new Live Text function

Live Objects is an extension of Live Text. The tool detects and cuts out the elements in the photos, such as objects, people or animals, and allows you to turn them into stickers in a very simple way. To use the function, just tap on the image object and wait for the iPhone to automatically crop it and remove the background. Then you can copy and place the object by swiping across the screen.

Living creatures allow stickers to be created automatically – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

6. New gallery functions

In addition, an interesting new function is to lock albums locally, eliminating the need to resort to external applications. This is because, through it, users will be able to block certain content by password, Touch ID or Face ID, in order to restrict access to unauthorized people. It is also worth noting that the option also enables ‘hide’ albums, ensuring more privacy.

New feature in iOS 16 lets you hide and lock photo and video albums on iPhone – Photo: Playback / 9to5Mac

Safety Check, one of the biggest security innovations, allows you to check which contacts have access to certain information about you, such as your location. For this, the feature presents a management panel that makes it possible to select the data that can continue to be shared or not shared with other people.

iOS 16 Security Checkup – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

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