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Imagem de: GoldenEye 007 chega ao Xbox e Game Pass com gráficos 4K e Conquistas

GoldenEye 007 comes to Xbox and Game Pass with 4K graphics and achievements

One of the highlights of today’s Nintendo Direct (13) was the reveal Golden eyes 007 To the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, including online multiplayer. But what was not revealed there is that The game will also come to Xbox consoles and Game Passwhich will also add achievements, 4K graphics, and improve frame rate.

According to a special Rare announcement, the game will also feature the popular couch multiplayer, which introduces the split-screen mode that we loved so much in the ’90s on the Nintendo 64 games.

She also rarely mentioned that she’s proud to work with Nintendo to bring the game to both Switch and Xbox consoles. Unfortunately, it looks like the online mode will be a Switch exclusive.

Unfortunately, Golden eyes 007 No release date (only “soon”) or platforms revealed: at this time, We just know that the game is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series S | Xbut there is no information if a PC version is planned.

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