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"FIFA 23" is better in every respect, but it does not justify the annual model of the series yet;  I played g1 |  Toys

“FIFA 23” is better in every respect, but it does not justify the annual model of the series yet; I played g1 | Toys

FIFA 23 is better in every way previous edition. Matches are more realistic and timed, pass control is more decisive and some new features help the main game modes.

Even with all of this, the game still doesn’t justify the sports franchise’s annual release model — and it could be the perfect release for a change of plans.

the game Released on Friday (30th) for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, Switch, and Stadia (Which will stop working in 2023) and computers and the The latest partnership between the developer, EA and FIFA to use the trademark.

Still, this is a decent farewell to the series’ title – but it could also be a retirement to a plan that for decades has been asking audiences hundreds of dollars each year for a handful of improvements.

Insisting on taking in between 200 and 300 Brazilian reais annually is, or at least should be, much worse than the absence of the Brazilian squad and national team players.

Watch the trailer for the movie Fifa 23

New generation PC or PC owners will benefit from the best “new” in FIFA 23. Hypermotion 2 improves what happens She was really good in FIFA 22. It makes passing control more sensitive and important during a match.

This also leads to a change in defense strategy. Although they don’t suffer much from running behind attackers, defenders should benefit more from controlling spaces and avoiding the most daring pounce that allows for a clever touch in the space created.

Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT), EA’s main breadwinner with the franchise and the biggest appeal to a large part of the audience (who like to spend more money every year), changes the characteristic of chemistry between athletes to a much simpler and much less frustrating.

It may sound small, but simply understanding the system right away and reducing the annoyance of each new card that doesn’t quite fit your needs is already a huge step forward.

The mode also provides some challenges for users to get rewards without having to invest a lot of money. Of course, those with deep pockets will still have a huge advantage, but it’s good to see that the developer has given the public more options.

Career Mode and Volta remain somewhat marginal – further evidence of how much FUT is in the big picture. Street football is still a fun distraction, but creating a player or coach would have been worth more creativity on the part of the company.

Mbappe in “FIFA 23” – Photo: Disclosure

The company also claims that this will be the biggest change and that the public shouldn’t worry, but it will benefit from looking at the competition a bit.

all Konami’s “eFootball” was a fiasco. But even this can help the EA better evaluate the strategic reorientation.

The fact that games like “Fortnite” or “Call of duty: Warzone” show that you don’t have to charge each game to make a profit.

Long-term sporadic upgrades and improvements can be made and collected using FUT cards or cosmetics. Without a direct competitor, the developer has the space and calm to give his audience that breath.