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The priest mocks the security of the electronic ballot box at mass

The priest mocks the security of the electronic ballot box at mass

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Candidate for the second term in the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG), Deputy State Coronel Sandro (PL) has returned on his Instagram profile a video showing a priest mocking Brazil’s voting system.

According to the priest from the city of Laranjeiras in Sergipe, “It seems that the only thing that really secures the electronic ballot box, because in the rest, any intruder can get in.” He adds that the TSE should “share” the technology, because “even NASA” can’t get in.

a EM confirms Verified and concluded that the video truly.
The video of the candidate from Minas Gerais was published on July 31, but the events took place a few days earlier, on the third, during the celebration of Su Pedro and Su Paulo. Priest concerned Francisco de Assis Souza, of Primognita do Curao diocese, within the domain of the Diocese of Aracaju.

Talk about the electronic ballot box Not the time for sermons, says the narrator of the first video posted on social media, on July 22, but at the end of the liturgy, while playing some messages. Father Francisco warned the faithful that the parish had been hit by a cyberattack the day before and that, fortunately, no harm had been done. In the sequence, he weaves the paradoxes of the voting system.

The original video was posted on the parish’s Youtube channel, which makes recordings of its celebrations available on this network.

a EM confirms He tried to contact the priest through the advice of the Aracaju Diocese, but there was no response until this verification was posted.

Ballot boxes are safe

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And although the priest’s video is authentic, there is no evidence of ballot box fraud, as the religious claim.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) said on August 25 that three universities have seen the safety of the new electronic ballot box that will be used in this year’s elections, scheduled for October.

The result is that electronic voting machines are more modern and secure than before. Therefore, Brazilians can trust without fear.