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Internet and telephone signals return to work in the Gaza Strip  world

Internet and telephone signals return to work in the Gaza Strip world

Homes destroyed by the Israeli raid in Khan Yunis, in the Gaza Strip, on Friday (27). – Photography: Muhammad Salem/Reuters

Internet and phone signal are being restored for many people in Gaza, according to telecommunications company Paltel and internet access advocacy group NetBlocks.org and confirmation on the ground, according to the Associated Press news agency.

On Friday, the Brazilian Embassy in Palestine issued a statement warning of a communications outage: “To our esteemed citizens in our beloved land, we regret to announce the complete interruption of all communications and Internet services in the Gaza Strip, due to the ongoing aggression.”

The local telephone company, Jawwal, also warned of the difficulty of communication: “The intense bombing in the past hours led to the destruction of the last international roads linking Gaza to the outside world, in addition to the roads that were previously destroyed during the aggression, which led to their destruction.” In the interruption of all telecommunications company services in the beloved Gaza Strip.

Reports from the Palestinian territories indicate that in addition to the ground operation, bombing by Israel has intensified, especially in the north.

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