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Desenrola Brasil: new rules expand the scope and deadline for debt renegotiation!

Desenrola Brasil: new rules expand the scope and deadline for debt renegotiation!

The result of these new features in Desenrola Brasil is greater accessibility of the software. Previously limited to those with a Silver or Gold level digital certificate, Desenrola Brasil now welcomes those with a Bronze level certificate. This fact represents a significant expansion of the program's target audience.

Furthermore, with the deadline extended to March 31, there is a wider window of opportunity for those who need to renegotiate their debt.

New rules for defaulters

Desenrola Brasil's new rules are particularly good news for those who were classified as defaulters between January 2019 and December 2022. These changes expand the range of debtors who can benefit from the program.

To participate, the first step is to register for free on the federal government portal. Once registration is complete, it is possible to begin the renegotiation process.

Digital certificate is required for Desenrola Brasil

To participate in Desenrola Brasil, interested parties must comply with registration requirements. This includes obtaining facial verification through the GOV.BR app and validating personal data via online banking from an authorized bank.

In addition to extending the membership deadline and accepting new income ranges, it is important to remember that those seeking to benefit from Desenrola Brasil must be registered in the Unified Register (CadÚnico).

Positive effect of Desenrola Brasil

With these changes, Desenrola Brasil is expected to help more Brazilians settle their financial situation. This will allow them to start 2023 with a more balanced financial future. With fewer financial worries and debts to pay off, many can get the support they need to achieve their goals in the new year.

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