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‘Inappropriate’ Charges Scare Influencers From Sajjall’s New Reality Show

‘Inappropriate’ Charges Scare Influencers From Sajjall’s New Reality Show

photo: clone/instagram

Mariana Rios will lead the reality show A Grande Conquista

Record has a big problem on her hands that she has devised and needs to solve as soon as possible: convincing digital influencers that she wants to be in the cast of the reality show A Grande Conquista by offering extremely low fees. The invitations excited web celebrities who dream of escaping the social media bubble. But when the exposure value is detected, the word “no” quickly appears.

The column spoke with some of the influencers who have been invited to take part in the reality show. He revealed all ears to the suggestion of getting the same amount of fees: 3,000 Brazilian reais, which one rated as “indecent”. That’s right you read it, only R$ 3 thousand to spend countless works designed by the new format to present the confined.

And that amount is even smaller, as the registry deducts 27.5% of payments for reality fee contracts. That is, whoever accepts the invitation will receive only 2,175.00 Brazilian reals. And if the entrepreneur or influential agent asks for his share (about 20%), the profits drop to almost half of the initial agreement: R$1,740.00.

To get an idea, Record would need 80 people to take part in the new reality show. Only 20 of them will be TV personalities, with high exposure on social networks. The other sixty are the result of the internet, with high engagement power.

In the first stage of the competition, the “popular” team will take their web profiles to take a vote on the attraction’s official web site. He entered the fifteenth most voted minors. The other five will join the other lesser-known sixty in an environment called Villa. And it is the participants in this space who receive the “indecent” offer from the seal.

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Some guests even counter-proposed to improve their financial situation, claiming that the fee shown is less than the amount they charge for an Instagram story. But the record remains irreducible, for now. An influencer who received an invitation to join Fila was trying to convince the directors that he would fit in at the palace. Celebrities who are set to go straight to privileged confinement will have a much larger character. But the column will give these details at another time.

In addition to influencers considering low fees, they also believe the broadcaster’s suggested period superfluousness — such as no place to sleep, food restriction, exams, living with strangers, and very low projection in video (after all, there are 80 people competing on cams). Attention) – not worth the effort.

Another factor played against it: the low projection of Record reality show participants on social networks. In the past year, Power Couple members Brasil, Ilha Record, and A Fazenda haven’t greatly expanded their following. That is, the reward for accepting such a low value would be to attract more followers to their profiles. Even this is not seen as positive enough to accept participation in the new programme.

Record has already announced that A Grande Conquista will premiere this May. To date, no company has purchased a sponsorship stake. But with Mariana Rios advertising at the helm, the broadcaster is hoping to attract good investors, as happened with Ilha Record 2.