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10 Games With Brazilian Characters You Didn’t Know

10 Games With Brazilian Characters You Didn’t Know

If we tried to count how many games there were and available, we would definitely spend several days trying. This is because there are thousands of addresses. However, among the many games there are those in which the developers decided to draw inspiration from Brazil to produce characters.

Therefore, we decided to present you with a list of the ten game characters that have Brazilian traitsBoth in their style and in the way they move in battles. are you ready? so let’s go!

1. “Tekken” – Eddy Gordo

The first character we’re going to mention comes from the “Tekken” game, Eddy Gordo. However, his physiology does not quite correspond to the name given to him.

However, its Brazilian trait is found in the fighting method, which uses capoeira strikes to knock down the enemy.

2. “Resident Evil” – Carlos Oliveira

Our second character comes from a game known to most players, “Resident Evil”. The Brazilian-inspired character is called Carlos Oliveira, and those who have already had the chance to play the game probably know him. You can choose to select Carlos before you start playing.

3. “Street Fighter” – Laura Matsuda

Next belongs to Street Fighter and is called Laura Matsuda. Plus, it made our list thanks to its blend of capoeira and jiu-jitsu.

4. ‘Overwatch – Lucio

In turn, another person who joins the list of Brazilian characters is Lúcio, who is from the game “Overwatch”. According to his story, the person in question had spent long periods of his childhood in some favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

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5. “Fight the Fever” – Julrio

Straight out of “Fight Fever,” Golrio’s character has a Brazilian signature in the way she wears it, which is very similar to a baguette look. In other words, they serve as a representation of the Brazilian indigenous peoples.

6. “Tekken” – Christy Montero

The sixth position again refers to the game “Tekken”. However, this time the character is Christy Montero. The reason she is also on our list is because of her in-fighting strikes, which are used in capoeira, and are very similar to Eddy Gordo.

7. ‘Psychonauts’ – Mila Vaudillo

Now, from the game “Psychonauts”, we have the character Milla Vodello. She has a love for dancing, which is similar to that of Brazilians during carnival and other events that involve dancing.

8. “Fatal Fury” – Richard Meyer

In eighth place, we have another character who focuses on the famous Brazilian fighting style: capoeira. It comes directly from the movie “Fatal Fury” and is called Richard Meyer.

9. ‘Darkstalkers’ – Rico

As for the ninth place, the game “Darkstalkers” with its character Rikuo stands out. This is because Rico is a species that lives at the bottom of the Amazon River, which gives it the characteristics of strong Brazil.

10. “League of Legends” – Neeko

Last but not least, we have Neeko, a character from “League of Legends”, a game that is well known all over the world. The character in question is similar to Brazil, as it belongs to a tribe reminiscent of the indigenous people.