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In her first post-BBB interview, Wanessa Camargo speaks out about racism accusations against Davey|  amazing

In her first post-BBB interview, Wanessa Camargo speaks out about racism accusations against Davey| amazing

Wanessa Camargo speaks out for the first time after being eliminated from BBB 24

Singer Vanessa Camargo spoke to Fantástico on Sunday (17). This was her first interview after being eliminated from BBB 24, earlier this month.

Wanessa spoke with reporter Renata Ciribilli about her tense relationship with another participant, Devi. She also commented on the accusations of racism, and believed that the experience left necessary and urgent lessons. Watch the video above.

“At no time did I intend to commit racism.”

The relationship between Davi and Wanessa was very turbulent inside the house. On social media, Wanessa was accused of trying to convince the participants to isolate Davy from the rest of the house.

“What happened was that he had some attitudes. Other people who were uncomfortable with him, long before me, came forward to bring these issues to me,” he says.

She said I didn't think about calling her racist.

“I understand that place of pain. That was not my intention […] I said that the way he sometimes went into battle was aggressive, which I didn't like. When I got here, I was afraid people would see it. I was afraid of a lot of things taken out of context […] When we're put in a place as dangerous as the word 'racism', that's something I can't stand behind.”

The singer also talked about Statement made this weekThrough their networks, assuming that after seeing the scenes they realize that their positions are considered racist.

“What I wanted to say in this video is that I did not mean to commit racism at any time […] What I realized is that I am a privileged white person and that I will never know how some words that have no impact for me can be sensitive to other people. For me it was always about the game. There was nothing to do with color. “It never was.”

“If it hurts him, yes. I wish I had the opportunity to talk to him about it and I need to recalculate this path and understand how I can improve my speech, and how I can do it with more affection in my next life. As a whole,” he concludes.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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