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Informe Manaus – Seniors from Fundação Doutor Thomas enter the revelry with the carnival mass

Informe Manaus – Seniors from Fundação Doutor Thomas enter the revelry with the carnival mass

Promoting a moment of fun for the elderly residents of Fundação Doutor Thomas (FDT), municipality Manaus The traditional “Bloco FDT na Folia”, will take place on 2/15, at 4 pm, in the external area of ​​the institution, located at Rua Doutor Thomas, 798, Nossa Senhora das Graças district, Central-South district.

With free admission and open to the public, #BlocoFDTNaFolia will provide 136 seniors, and those attending the event, with a happy and safe environment with traditional carnival songs.

FDT social worker Nadyanne Santos explains that the foundation works to deliver an event that respects the boundaries of each elderly person being assisted.

“In the midst of lots of confetti, banners and fun, FDT will provide worship for elders and civil servants, to get in the mood. It will also feature a spacious air-conditioned structure in the outdoor area, with a stage, lighting, ‘Instagram’ space, food court with tasting area and decoration that will keep the audience entertained.” He remembers the old carnival dances, ”Nadian explains.

To liven up the carnival programming, #BlocoFDTnaFolia will present a presentation by the Forró Delivery ensemble, with a repertoire of the most famous marchinhas; from the drums of the Reino Unido da Liberdade samba school; Color Kids Clowns; And among the residents, choose the standard bearer, king and queen of Carnival 2023.

These celebrations that are part of the institution’s calendar are a way to contribute positively to the coexistence of the elderly, as FDT psychologist Adriano Lago explained.

“The FDT multidisciplinary team has carefully orchestrated everything, aiming for luxury, as Carnival is one of the most anticipated dates of the year. They have fun, remember the parades and celebrate. Our party was held to the standards of yesterday’s carnivals so they can relive the good times,” he highlights.

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With the carnival back in the establishment, the elderly residents will have fun and kill all their longing for the party. Such is the case of Suely Gama, 69, who has participated in five FDT festivities and says she looks forward to getting dressed.

“When I found out there was already a date, I was happy with the news, because I remember being featured in the fantasy category in the latest edition. I’m already inviting my friends and family to the 15th to ensure that glorious moment will be our collection. This year, I’m looking forward to having the best costume, I want to win the title of Carnival Queen 2023, says Soule.

FDT Presidential Director Martha Moutinho explains the importance of including institutional seniors in ceremonies and memorial dates.

“The carnival has always been part of the calendar of activities of the institution. All the work of the multidisciplinary team is carried out responsibly and taking into account the well-being of the residents. When I see the elderly having fun, it makes us sure that we are doing our duty. We are working on events aimed at promoting moments of interaction, fun and entertainment,” he explained. As the carnival is for everyone, especially the elderly.”

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Text – Thyrso Matos/FDT
Photo – Disclosure / FDT
The Elderly Priests of the Fundação Doutor Thomas entering the festivities with the Carnival Mass made their first appearance at the City Hall of Manaus.